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Lynxtech BD-101


The Ideal Flexible DVD-R/DVD-ROM Solution
Lynxtech applies the most advanced technologies and design ideas to adapt various needs of the replication industry. With BD-101 offline bonding system, you can get not only fast and stable output but also best return for your investment in short time.

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Lynxtech BD-101

Lynxtech's offline bonding system is designed for the need of variable production factories which can easily switch their product from CD-R to DVD-R, or to DVD-R as well. Combining with Lynxtech DC-102, offline dye coater module, customers can even switch their traditional CD-ROM and DVD-ROM lines into DVD-R production.

The BD-101 offline bonding system consists of two independent loading and bonding stations which allow this small footprint machine to run at less than 2.5 sec/disc cycle time.



System Highlights

1.Loading system

Biggest buffer station for data and dummy disc feeding system (16 spindles each), and it can work with or without spacer loading system.

In a good offline bonding machine, we need higher capacity feeding station to lower down the loading of the operators. BD-101 accompanies with 16 buffer spindles in each bonding system, which is maximum loading buffer in the market.


2.Bubble free dosing and bonding stations

The constant dosing arm automatically control the resin quantity and timing, make sure to dose the resin in defined timing on the data disc side. The bonding station makes sure the data disc and dummy disc join together in a defined parallel position and height. The internal resin between the half discs then spread smoothly to make a flat final disc.


3.Inner vacuum control spinner

The spinner helps to spin and distribute the resin between layer0 and layer1 half discs. With the special designed inner suction control technology, the inner radius of resin can be adjusted easily depends on different molds.

In order to control the even thickness of resin for different types of DVDs, it is possible to define up to 10 sections of acceleration/deceleration parameters and the rpm to 10,000.


4.Pure UV system without heat impact to discs

Applying the newest pure UV system from arccure technologies makes the curing process much easier to achieve both fast cycle and stable disc tilt requirement. In order for Lynxtech BD-101 to produce the DVD-R disc, the cold pure UV with even bonding module curing process can guarantee the best axial acceleration result.


5.Final scanner with 11 buffer discs makes sure stable quality control.

Lynxtech BD-101 arranges up to 11 buffer positions after UV curing to the final inspection station. The disc is inspected and measured under stable condition to make sure the quality check result (such as radial/tangential tilt) fit the customers' demands without additional double check after produced.


6.Multi-grade sorting is possible for downstream

In order to simplify the handling system, Lynxtech BD-101 is able to separate the discs by quality levels (4 grades) or based on the loading stations (A or B line). This useful and flexible design for downstream makes this bonding system outstand from other competitors.


7.Automatic pumping and bubble filtering system.

With the biggest dual resin tank space and precise level control, Lynxtech BD-101 reduces the loading of operators and makes the source resin bubble free. The automatic pumping and vacuum filtering system helps a lot during the filling and recycling process of the bonding resin. All you need to do is just "Start".



Lynxtech BD-101 system specification

Formats supported: DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-ROM, Dual Layer

Process cycle time < 2.5sec

Bonding yield> 95%


Dimension: 2725(L)x2250(W)x2000(H)



System Layout


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