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Lynxtech ST-103


Disc Sorting Station
Lynxtech ST-103 multi-grade disc sorting Station is designed for customers who need to recycle reject discs or to recheck disc before shipping to their OEM customers.

It is compatible to CD-ROM
CD-RDVD-ROMDVD-R and is very easy to adapt to different types of inspection systems to fit the quality requirement for your end customers.

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Key Features

High Speed, minimum cycle time 25 disc/minute

3-grade outputs

Auto-switch conveyor for spindle exchange

HEPA included

Optional inspection systems (Basler S300 or customer assigned)




Production Speed: 4 sec/disc

Power: AC 220V/50-60Hz, Single Phase, Max 20A

Air: 4.5~5.5 Kg/cm^2, Max 300L/min

Control System: Mitsubishi PLC

Inspection: Optional Basler S300 or customer assigned



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